The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
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30.06.2023 in Featured, Science, Research

All 17 goals in view

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals play a major role at the university. A new research atlas lists more than 450 projects that deal with them - from education, to medicine and physics. Read more

The art installation by Pedro Marzorati entitled "Where the Tides Ebb and Flow" draws attention to the rising sea level.
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21.10.2022 in Featured, Science

The art of change

The climate crisis and energy transition are a topic for many different scientific disciplines. A German studies scholar at the university is examining how art and literature are tackling these issues. Read more

Ingo Uhlig directs the digital atlas “”
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21.10.2022 in Featured, Science, Research

Cultural Atlas of Change

Climate change and the energy transition are two of the defining issues of our time. The literary scientist and sociologist, Professor Ingo Uhlig, explores how art and literature are able to contribute to this debate and to a greater acceptance. Read more

Ronny Redlich with the new MRI scanner in the Faculty of Medicine, where the psychologist is researching the treatment of depression.
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27.09.2022 in Science, Research

Under electric current

Electroconvulsive therapy is used to treat many people with major depressive disorder who don’t respond to psychotherapy and medication. A team of researchers at the Institute of Psychology is investigating why this is the case and who can benefit from the treatment. Read more

Franziska Leidecker and Jörg Degenhardt froze thyme leaves in liquid nitrogen.
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13.09.2022 in Science, Research

The scent of science

A team of researchers led by Professor Jörg Degenhardt at the Institute of Pharmacy are attempting to unearth the molecular secrets of thyme plants – including the mystery behind their distinctive scent. Read more

Martin Scheuplein holds the unique fragment of Herman van Borculo’s map.
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20.04.2022 in Science, Miscellaneous

Digital map treasures

The University and State Library Saxony-Anhalt (ULB) is making part of its extensive collection of historical maps available online. The first 1,000 maps are already accessible, including some amazing unique objects. Read more

Steven Dreissig heads an Emmy Noether junior research group
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19.04.2022 in Science, Research

A researcher, DNA and rye under stress

There was a time when Dr Steven Dreissig would not have chosen to go into research - now, the agricultural scientist heads an Emmy Noether junior research group in which he is tracking down the genetic mechanisms of evolution. Read more

Gunnar Dumke has examined 4,500 coins. The image of a silver tetradrachm of the Indo-Greek ruler Archebios is on the monitor behind him (coin collection of the Berlin State Museums, photographer: Lutz-Jürgen Lübke).
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23.02.2022 in Science, Research

The secrets of ancient coins

Historians are still partly in the dark when it comes to the history of Central Asia. Little is known about the Greek kingdoms that were established in the course of Alexander the Great’s conquests. Gunnar Dumke, an ancient historian and archaeologist, has examined 4,500 coins that provide far more information about the rulers than any written sources. Read more