The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
© / MLU
30.06.2023 in Featured, Science, Research

All 17 goals in view

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals play a major role at the university. A new research atlas lists more than 450 projects that deal with them - from education, to medicine and physics. Read more

The art installation by Pedro Marzorati entitled "Where the Tides Ebb and Flow" draws attention to the rising sea level.
© picture alliance / AP Photo / Francois Mori
21.10.2022 in Featured, Science

The art of change

The climate crisis and energy transition are a topic for many different scientific disciplines. A German studies scholar at the university is examining how art and literature are tackling these issues. Read more

Europasaurus accompanied by some pterosaurs
© Joschua Knüppe
28.04.2021 in Featured, Science, Knowledge Transfer

Time travel

Research presented in an unusual way: A graphic novel depicts how the dinosaur Europasaurus lived 154 million years ago. The book is also based on excavations by a scientist from the University of Halle. Read more

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