From historical manuscripts to digital databases: Stephan Feller (left) and Stefan Artmann sit down for a chat in the ULB’s Hungarian Library.
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Making science freely available: Open access publishing

The open access movement began 15 years ago. Prof. Stephan Feller, a molecular biologist, and Dr. Stefan Artmann, a private lecturer in philosophy, discuss how it will change science in 2016 and the opportunities and challenges that will arise as a result of its development into an open exchange of specialist publications. It is a topic that occupies both men. Feller is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of the Open Access Journal “Cell Communication and Signalling”. Artmann, who heads up the presidential office at the Leopoldina, is a member of the working group “Open Access”, part of the priority initiative “Digital Information” of the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany. Read more

Katrin Moeller works in the institute’s new building on the Steintor Campus. This is also where the Historical Data Centre of Saxony-Anhalt is located.
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Data tells history

Regardless of whether they are old photos or town records, historical data is the basis for conducting research at the Institute of History. But what needs to be taken into account when working with and digitalising data? Budding historian Dr Katrin Moeller advises in this area. Read more