More and more exams at the University of Halle are being taken on computers.
10.01.2017 in Study and Teaching, Campus

More money for digital teaching

Equipped with around 6.5 million euros, the centre for multimedia teaching and learning (LLZ) will continue its work in April 2017. The funding will be made available until 2020 as part of the joint Federal-State programme “Quality Pact for Teaching”. Since it was established in 2012, the LLZ has already supported more than 450 projects to digitalise teaching at the University of Halle. The centre moves into the second stage of funding with a new director and a new working group. Read more

Pictures, videos, worksheets: A lot of teaching and learning material can be found on the Internet.
© Anke Tornow
07.04.2016 in Featured

Free educational resources for everyone?

Not only are research data and scientific publications often freely accessible online, today a lot of teaching and learning material can also be found on the Internet – in the form of textbooks, videos, entire online courses, and worksheets. The term “open educational resources” (OER) was first used in 2002 to refer to any teaching and learning resources that were in the public domain, free to use, or which could be developed or changed under an open licence agreement. Read more

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