Members of "Tri-Sustaine" during their first workshop in Tanzania
© Norbert Arnold
04.12.2017 in Science, Research, International News

Project on medicinal plants in Africa: first workshop in Tanzania

Approximately 80 per cent of African residents seek out traditional medical professionals in case of illnesses. The healers often use medicinal plants that they have collected for treatment. Evaluating the pharmaceutical potential of those plants is the main objective of the international research project “Tri-Susain”, led by Martin Luther University. The first workshop of the project took place in November in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Dr Lucie Moeller from the University of Halle reports about the event. Read more

Rector Aram Simonyan (left) presents Rector Udo Sträter with a traditional Armenian wooden vase during his visit in June.
© Michael Deutsch
12.10.2017 in International News, Campus

A connection with history

A partnership between the University of Halle and Yerevan State University (YSU) has been in place for ten years. In June, the two universities extended this cooperation agreement. Now the aim is for students and PhD candidates to be more intensively involved in the academic exchange programme – for example in the Faculty of Theology. Read more

Die Türkisch-Deutsche-Universität wächst: Während die ersten Universitätsgebäude (im Hintergrund) bereits genutzt werden, wird an vielen Lehrgebäuden noch gebaut.
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08.12.2016 in Campus, International News

A new connection with Istanbul

When Henning Rosenau, a professor of law, received his appointment to teach in Halle in 2015, he also brought with him his longstanding involvement in supporting the Turkish-German University (TDU). Martin Luther University is a member of the German consortium and, since February, has been supporting TDU in developing the new university, which was founded by the two nations in Istanbul in 2010. Two economists from Halle are now involved as well. They believe the German-Turkish exchange is more important than ever, especially in light of the tough political situation in Turkey right now. Read more

All Souls College in Oxford.
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04.02.2016 in Study and Teaching, Campus, International News

Halle students conduct research in Oxford

In January, Eric O’Neill, a researcher from the University of Oxford, gave the opening talk for an international series of lectures on molecular medicine and biology at Halle’s town hall. “Halox” was the working title for the series, whose main organisor is Stephan Feller, a professor of tumour biology at the Faculty of Medicine in Halle. Feller, who came to Halle from Oxford in 2013, drew on his personal contacts to breathe life into the idea. Read more